Hosted Call Centre

Provide the best possible service

With our Hosted Contact Centre Solution you will be able to
respond to your customers effectively and handle enquiries efficiently.

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Reduce costs, maintain flexibility and improve customer relationships

While many companies focus solely on their outbound infrastructure and image, for many clients, it is the experience they receive when they call you that determines their customer journey and satisfaction.

Hosted Call Centre Features

Intelligent IVR

When a client calls they can have the option of directing their call to a specific department, press 1 for sales or 2 for customer service etc. The Call can then be routed to specific departments quickly.

Call Routing

With our Hosted Call Centre solution you can route calls to various people regardless of location. Send calls to office workers, home workers or international partners.
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Call Recording

MX Digitals Hosted Call Centre can record and store all calls made or received. We have various options, we can record all calls or just a specific section of calls, host them in our own secure environment or upload them or send them to a location of your choice.

Skills-based routing and queues

Prioritise calls to agents based on their skills and strengths. Have the calls go to your strongest free agents based upon a skill rating system.

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Disaster Recovery

Based in the cloud the solution can forward calls anywhere should the internet or connectivity ever go down. Should your site ever lose connectivity we can failover your calls to alternative numbers or locations. We can also provide daily back-ups of your servers upon request.

Time based routing

Have your calls go to different departments or destinations based upon the time of day or day of the week. You can play custom messages out of hours, send the inbound calls to a voicemail or simply forward the calls onto an external number.


You can choose to transfer calls to another operator, department, office or separate number through our Hosted Call Centre's easy to use agent interface.

Manage your campaigns

Manage your campaigns via the administrator interface and control aspects of your campaign for your agents and full historical reporting for specific metric reports. Get more info

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Music on hold facility

Have your choice of music playing when callers are placed on hold or in queue.

Inbound call stats

View real time inbound calls and stats via the inbound call manager.

What is a Hosted Call Centre?

A Hosted Call Centre offers all the major tools of a traditional call centre including IVR, Call Routing, Call Recording and much more. In comparison to a traditional call centre, it is not on the customer premises but hosted 'in the cloud'. There are several advantages to a Hosted Call Centre, such as minimal set-up costs as there is no equipment to buy, the flexibility of adding agents quickly as well as the elimination of cost as the software is maintained by the provider. Furthermore, this solution offers the ability to employ home-based agents and can result in a substantial saving and flexibility for your business.