Matrix Door Controllers

Access control hardware

Matrix COSEC hardware solutions comprise of multiple families of door controllers,
readers and accessories. Door controllers and their readers are the front-end terminals
guarding and monitoring entry and exit points. These devices can read contact-less
proximity cards, smart cards, fingerprints and palm veins for identification.
Door controllers can also monitor and control additional readers, doors and auxiliary
input and output ports. COSEC CENTRA PLATFORM controls and monitors
these Door Controllers.

Scalable, award winning door controllers, built for the enterprise


Matrix COSEC NGT FCX is a futuristic door-controller to meet the functional and aesthetic needs of any modern organization for access control and time-attendance applications. It's touch-sense large display facilitates icon based graphical user interface for time-attendance functions for easy and intuitive user interaction.

■ Capacitive Fingerprint Reader
■ Smart Card and Proximity Cards
■ 7” LCD with Touch-Sense
■ 3.1MP Camera
■ Voice Guidance
■ Ethernet, Wi-Fi and 3G/4G/LTE
■ Power over Ethernet (PoE)
■ 100,000 Events Storage


Matrix COSEC VEGA door-controllers are premium devices engineered with careful blend of aesthetics, size, connectivity, reliability and ease-of-use. VEGA series are perfect fit for access control and time-attendance solution for any organization.

■ Optical Fingerprint Reader
■ Smartcard, NFC and Proximity Cards
■ 3.5” Touch-Sense Color LCD
■ IP65 for Outdoor Applications
■ Power over Ethernet (PoE)
■ Ethernet, Wi-Fi and 3G/4G/LTE
■ 500,000 Events Log


Matrix COSEC PATH Series door controllers are specifically designed for access control applications. These compact, robust and cost-effective controllers blend in any modern building design and assure reliable and long-term performance as sentries at the building gates and doors.

■ Optical Fingerprint Reader
■ Smart Card and Proximity Card
■ NFC Tag
■ IP65
■ Power over Ethernet (PoE)
■ Power to Lock over PoE
■ Elegant and Compact
■ 9,600 Fingerprint Storage
■ 50,000 Events Log
■ Matching Exit Readers


Winner of the coveted iF award for its superior design, Matrix COSEC DOOR series controllers are versatile devices designed for reliability, modularity and performance. These workhorses come in variants specifically targeted at time-attendance and access control applications.

■ Palm Vein or Fingerprint Readers
■ Smart Card and Proximity Cards
■ 128x64 Dot Matrix Display
■ Touch-Sense Keypad
■ USB Port
■ Ethernet, Wi-Fi and 3G/4G/LTE
■ 500,000 Events Storage


Matrix COSEC Readers can be connected with any COSEC door controller through wiegand or RS-232 interface.

■ Works with any COSEC Door Controller
■ Fingerprint and Card Reader
■ Proximity or Smart Card
■ Power Supply from Door Controller
■ IP65
■ Tamper Detection

COSEC accessories enhance features and performance of the COSEC solution


COSEC PANEL manages multiple controllers and acts as a bridge between the controllers and the central COSEC CENTRA server. They are responsible for synchronising all the door controllers and implementing advanced access control features.

■ Ethernet and RS-485
■ USB Port for Wi-Fi, 3G/4G and Data Transfer
■ Auxiliary Input and Output Port
■ Advance Access Control Features
■ 500,000 Events Storage
■ Controls 75 Door Controllers
■ 25,000 User Templates


COSEC ENROLL is a desktop based enrollment station to enroll users with their fingerprint and card from a single place. COSEC ENROLL, along with enrollment software, allows the HR department to enroll new employees quickly and easily

■ Finger and Card Enrollment
■ Fingerprint Verification
■ Comprehensive Software
■ Finger Image Quality Check during Enrollment


COSEC CPMs are pluggable card personality reader modules inserted in the COSEC DOOR and NGT series controllers. Four different card reader modules are available to support both proximity and smart card.

Card Support
■ Low Frequency (125KHz): EM, HID Prox
■ High Frequency (13.56MHz): MIFARE 1k, MIFARE 4k, HID iCLASS 2k/2, HID iCLASS 16k/2, HID iCLASS 16k/16


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