Matrix Software Applications

Enroll new users, manage the organisation and users

At the heart of the COSEC solution is the CENTRA PLATFORM. This acts as the bridge between applications and devices. On the devices side, PLATFORM facilitates the configuration of devices, communicates with site controllers and door controllers and displays their status on screen. On the applications side, PLATFORM supports enrolling new users and manages organisational and user data.

PLATFORM is the foundation for Matrix COSEC CENTRA applications like Time-Attendance, Access-Control, Visitor Management, Roster Management, Cafeteria Management and many others. For 3rd party application developers, the PLATFORM provides API functions to develop applications associated with time-attendance, access-control, visitor management and more.

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Matrix COSEC - solution overview

Door Controllers

Controllers guard and monitor entry and exit points. They can read contact-less proximity cards, smart cards, fingerprints and palm veins for identification. Door controllers can monitor and control additional readers, doors and auxiliary input and output ports. COSEC CENTRA PLATFORM controls and monitors these Door Controllers.

Software Modules

Add on applications include:

Roster Management
Cafeteria Management
Employee Self Service
Visitor Management
Access Control
Contract Worker Management
Job Processing and Costing
Vehicle Access Management

Add-on software modules

Roster Management Module (RSM)

Matrix COSEC CENTRA Roster Management is an efficient tool to manage resource, improving productivity through proper forecasting and budgeting of staffing requirements. This system simplifies the process of defining and managing employee duties.

Time-Attendance Module (TAM)

Matrix COSEC CENTRA Time-Attendance is an enterprise-grade solution for complex organisations with multiple locations spread across geographic regions. It automates all Time-Attendance and Leave Management processes right from recoding entries and exits up to report generation and salary processing.


Cafeteria Management Module (CMM)

Matrix COSEC CENTRA Cafeteria Management software is a completely automated solution starting from placing an order, through delivery, then payment. It allows item tracking, speedy transactions and prevents wastage of food and errors in accounting.


Employee Self Service Portal (ESS)

Matrix COSEC CENTRA ESS is a comprehensive web-based employee portal offering users the facility to monitor and manage all their Time-Attendance and leave options. Employees and managers can access their Time Attendance information easily and perform related tasks intuitively, reducing time spent on administration.


Visitor Management Module (VMM)

Matrix COSEC CENTRA Visitor Management module automates the entire process of registering a visitor, printing a pass and capturing detailed information in a few seconds. This allows you to manage and greet visitors in a professional, efficient manner.


Access Control Module (ACM)

Matrix COSEC CENTRA Access Control protects organisation assets and manpower by controlling user entry based on credentials (Palm Vein, Fingerprint and RF card) and advanced access control policies on the door controller itself.


Contract Worker Management (CWM)

Matrix COSEC CENTRA Contract Workers Management application is specifically designed for organisations dependent on contract workers. CWM allows managers and contractors to plan and manage their workforce efficiently to improve productivity and significantly reduce labour cost. Organisations can create work orders and assign them to contractors with completion dates. Contractors can manage worker detail and attendance from the COSEC web portal.


Job Processing and Costing (JPC)

Matrix COSEC CENTRA Job Processing and Costing allows managers to divide a project into multiple jobs and keep a track of man hours spent on each pre-defined job. Managers can also pre-define the man hours expected to be spent on each job. This helps you keep track of the total man hours spent on each job and, in turn, any payments to be made.

Vehicle Access Management (VAM)

Matrix COSEC CENTRA Vehicle Access Management tracks and manages the movement of different types of vehicles in the organisation. With centralised control, an organisation can also store all details of registered vehicles such as type, authorised drivers, model, registration number, insurance, tax and MOT renewal dates and other details.