Predictive Dialler

Increase Productivity & Save Management Time

Our feature-rich and cost-effective Predictive Dialler can help you increase productivity,
efficiency and profitability by up to 300%

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Better value, better service and more productivity for your business

Traditional Dialler

expensive up-front costs
costly ISDN line rental
low agent productivity
long waiting times
limited support
lengthy set-up period

MX Predictive Dialler

minimal set-up costs
priced on a per agent basis
unlimited expansion
unlimited line availability
maximum agent productivity
minimal waiting times
dedicated support team

Real-time Stats and Wall Board
with your Predictive Dialler

The Predictive Dialler brings together a dynamic graphical wallboard application, designed to be displayed on large screens or a variety of smaller screens, with intelligent real-time statistics-collating software, providing agents, supervisors and other call centre personnel with instant, colourful, real-time call centre information.

You can have a high level overview or drill down into specific details, filtering data as appropriate, allowing you to understand how your call centre is performing and where you can make improvements.

Predictive Dialler Features

Answer Machine detection

MX Digital's Predictive Dialler will detect answer machines before the call is transferred to an agent and will then disposition the call as an answer machine and thus arrange for that number to be tried at a later time.


IVR routines can be set-up with ease in order to route inbound calls based on agent skill sets, campaigns and other required factors.
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Our outbound dialler can be integrated with many popular CRM packages to ensure customer service and acquisition process is as smooth as possible, whilst reducing agent's workloads.
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Real-time Stats and Reporting

Receive real-time feedback, such as average call time, amount of calls taken, information about the current call etc. and identify specific agents, who have exceeded present goals, monitor and train an agent for immediate corrective action and feedback.

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Ofcom requires that Predictive Diallers abandon less than 3% of answered calls on a daily basis. With our solution you will have the control to set parameters to ensure full compliance with Ofcom regulations are maintained regarding dialling regulations.
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Data Analysis

We understand that your data is not only expensive but also valuable. With our solution you can rest assured that you can make sufficient use of this data purchased. Our Predictive Dialler will enable you to compare different data sets for effectiveness, and through recall settings 'get through' a large proportion of the data purchased, ensuring wastage is cut to a minimal.

Call recording

Record inbound and outbound calls to ensure compliance is met. Retrieve, review and evaluate calls to ensure a better quality of call handling. Access recordings quickly and efficiently to improve customer service and increase customer loyalty.

Live Call Monitoring

Listen into any current live call, for training and monitoring staff from a managerial perspective.

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What is a Predictive Dialler?

A Predictive Dialler is a computerized system that connects to multiple agents and is used when there are more outbound lines to dial than agents using the system. It dials phone numbers in a fashion to "predict" when an agent will finish their current call, and thus dials out another phone line while agents are still talking to customers. Predictive Diallers use statistical processes to minimise the time that agents spend waiting between conversations, and the occurrence of someone answering when no agent is available.